Glamorous Glittering Balls and Gorgeous Gowns

Now that December has passed I thought it’d be an end to all the glitter balls and award ceremonies but no, it seems they’re all starting up again. Three times this month I’ve been asked to accompany clients to some awards do or other that they’ve been asked to turn up to. Either that or it’s some sort of corporate sponsorship presentation.

I don’t mind this, of course. I mean I love schmoozing with the witty and wealthy – not to mention sipping on all the complimentary champagne and canapes. Where it does get tough though is with the designer dresses. There are a few lovely ladies of my size here at Girl Escorts London whom I swap glamorous gowns with (we couldn’t afford to buy a selection on our own. I mean, we are talking Valentino and Gucci here!). Before we arrange to borrow though we just have to make sure that we swap notes on clients so that we don’t end up wearing the same dress with the same client – or a colleague of his! It has happened, apparently – although not to us, thankfully.

Another plus about the award ceremonies is getting to check out the corporate wives. They’re mostly so stuck-up and back-stabbing with each other that it’s hilarious. The place to get the gossip is, of course, the ladies’ toilets. Hang out there for 30 minutes or so and you’ll be amazed at what you learn. Then there are the female corporate executives whom even the men are frightened to go near – so tough and fierce is their stance.

The goodie bags aren’t bad at these corporate events either – restaurant tickets, scent for the ladies and even the odd piece of jewellery. It’s great too to be able to check out what every other female in the room is wearing, and to know instinctively – and without any doubt - that I am one of the best dressed there.

Another part of turning up to awards ceremonies with clients is to ‘get with the mood.’ That means celebrations if he picks up an award and, on the other hand, commiserations if he doesn’t. It all affects his bonus pay at the end of the day, you see, so some of them take these awards ceremonies incredibly seriously indeed. Woe betide the escort who makes light of proceedings! Certainly, there would be no second date, that’s for sure!

If my client is in the unfortunate position of missing out on an award – and which can be much worse if a colleague has picked one up instead – then I have a special set of commiseration tactics I use that, believe me, is going to make him feel like a winner, no matter what way he looks at life!

He's been nominated for an award and I guess my role will be to celebrate with him if he wins, and sympathise if he loses. Either way, my special commiseration tactics should make him feel like a real winner anyway. Got a corporate event coming up and want to make it swing a bit? Then do get in touch with either myself or one of the other lovely ladies at our agency.