Dates With London Escorts - Basic Hotel Etiquette

When you’re planning a hook up with stunning escort in London, you naturally want everything to run smoothly. Booking a hotel room allows you to relax, in the company of your beautiful escort, in luxury and comfort.

If it’s your first time meeting cheap AJ London escorts, it’s normal to feel a little nervous and apprehensive. You may be wondering if you’ve picked the right place for an intimate liaison with your favourite dream girl. Or you may be concerned that you will be seen by someone that you know.

Following our basic hotel etiquette guide will ensure that you enjoy an unforgettable experience on your date night with your escort.

In Call Or Out Call?

When you book an appointment to spend quality time with delectable escorts you always have two options to choose from:

If you’re travelling to meet your high class escort in a hotel of her choice, you need to choose the In Call appointment option.

If you prefer to select the hotel accommodation, an Out Call appointment will work best for you.

• In Call

On your arrival at the hotel that you escort has chosen, you don’t have to check in. Confidently walk through the hotel foyer/reception area and make your way to the lifts. Your glamorous escort will have already given you the room details so you’ll know exactly where to go.

• Out Call

If you’re making the hotel accommodation booking arrangements, it’s up to you to inform your exclusive escort about the location and room number. You can arrange to meet her in the hotel bar or restaurant, and then go up to your room together. Make a plan and stick to it to avoid last minute confusion.

Things To Consider on your escort date

Get Familiar With Your Surroundings

If this is the first time you’ve booked a room at a particular hotel, it’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with the on-site facilities and surroundings. You’ll feel less nervous if you know exactly where the hotel bar/restaurant and other facilities are located.

• Act Confidently

Avoid drawing attention to yourself by acting as if you own the place. Walk around the public areas of the hotel as if you’re there on other business.

If it helps you feel more comfortable, you can even have an imaginary business conversation on your mobile phone, whilst you wait for your escort to meet you in the hotel bar. Focus on discretion, and don’t over act.

• Dress Appropriately

To create a great first impression, and to blend in with the hotel surroundings, dress like a businessman.

• Prepare A Backup Story

On a secret liaison with London escorts the last thing you want is to get caught out. Having a prepared backup story can help you get out of a tight spot, should you bump into someone you know. Have a plausible and realistic story ready to explain what you are doing there. Keep it short and private.

Hotels To Avoid

• Any hotel that is associated with the word ‘budget’ isn’t likely to impress your sophisticated escort companion

• A hotel that you frequently visit

• All hotels that are situated in a discrete but remote location, or that has minimal amenities and facilities available

The Perfect Hotel

To enjoy an unforgettable overnight London escort appointment with your favourite girl, pick a hotel room or suite that is luxurious and comfortable. Do your research and look for a hotel that is discrete and easy to find. Choose an up-market hotel that suits your budget and location preference.

Arrive early and check out what’s on offer. Can you book additional complementary services? Are the entrance and exits easy to locate? Is there adequate parking available on site? The little details can greatly enhance the enjoyment of your stay.

Room Service

When spending time with a stunning and exclusive escort companion, in a luxury hotel room, take full advantage of the room services that are available. Keep your escort entertained, by booking overnight appointments, by ordering up some room service.

To avoid any embarrassing moments, remember to hang the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door handle afterwards.